Adele Gets Time Magazine Cover Story


Adele has had a huge year. What she was able to do in the last month and a half, no other artist was able to do all year. She outsold everyone else, her YouTube videos had more views than any of her contemporaries, and her concert tickets are probably going to sell out in record time as well.

What better way to celebrate these accomplishments than by gracing the cover of Time Magazine’s final issue of the year?

Adele looks absolutely gorgeous, dressed in red and giving a seductive look over her should to the camera.

She opens up in the interview about her creative process and talks about how the fact that she is emotionally vulnerable leads her to create emotional songs that connect with so many people.

Adele adds that she is surprised at just how good her new album “25” is selling, despite the fact that her last album also did great.

The entire interview is up on Time’s website.

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