Adele Fires Back At Trump For Using Her Songs At Rallies


Musicians have already criticized Donald Trump for his relentless habit of using their music for the purpose of his political agenda and this time, it’s Adele’s turn to fire back. Trump has recently been playing her hit song “Rolling In The Deep” at his political gatherings.

He referred to her tune as “warm-up” music, which, of course, Adele didn’t like very much. Whether the pop artist agrees with Trump’s political ideas or not is irrelevant because Adele says that he had no permission to use her music for his campaign. This isn’t the first time that Trump has received backlash for the exact same reason.

Previously, he was contacted by Steven Tyler’s lawyers after he played Aerosmith’s ”Dream On” at one of his rallies. Tyler claimed that by playing the song, Trump was suggesting that Tyler endorsed his presidential bid, which was not the case.

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