Adam Scarimbolo Sues Over Bar Fight


Actor Adam Scarimbolo was brutally beaten up by four men at a bar in New York. They have accused him of flirting with their women.

‘The Sopranos’ actor was drinking at a venue in Brooklyn in 2013 when the said assault occurred.

According to court documents, the 30-year old actor, said he was attacked by “heavily intoxicated patrons” while a member of staff turned a blind eye to the fight.

The star, who starred in quirky comedy movie Last Day of Summer and John Lennon film Chapter 27 believes the men became angry with him because he was talking to two women in their entourage and is now suing the owners of the bar over the scandal.

He told The New York Post,

“I remember getting nailed (struck) on the right side of my face – and it felt like a hammer. I hit the floor and was dragged on the ground. They were going after my neck as they were massacring me.”

In the lawsuit, Jim Ingoglia, his lawyer, claims the actor has suffered serious injuries that have “prevented him from returning fully to his chosen profession on the screen and stage.”
The assault was reported to police but the four men who attacked him have not been traced.

Adam Scarimbolo was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He currently lives in Brooklyn with his younger brother.

He got himself involved in acting at the age of 14 and still studies with the same professor. He is a quiet person who doesn’t say much. He takes his acting very seriously.

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