Adam Levine Gets Sugar-Bombed (VIDEO)


Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine could not have expected this to happen while he was on his way to the Jimmy Kimmel show. As he was walking into the studio, some guy approached him and threw a bunch of sugar at him. Of course, the guy was tackled by Adam’s security immediately and taken into police custody.

Adam looked a bit shaken and pretty angry, but it doesn’t look as if he was hurt at all, which is good. However, he might have to throw out his sweater, because getting all that sugar out is going to be a hassle. There has been no information released about the attacker yet, but according to reports, the same guy attacked The Rock recently as well, throwing a rock at him while he was trying to visit Kimmel as well.

So it seems like this guy likes puns, considering he threw a rock at The Rock and Maroon 5’s new single is called “Sugar.”

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