Actress Anne Meara Dies At 85


According to the Associated Press, actress Anne Meara died at the age of 85 on Saturday. An official statement was released by her famous family, husband Jerry and son Ben Stiller.

Meara was known for her many comedic and dramatic roles in television and movies, including parts in classic television shows like The Love Boat, King of Queens, Sex and the City and All My Children.

She started her career in the 1960s, acting as a comedy duo with her husband Jerry Stiller under the name Stiller & Meara.

While Jerry and Ben did confirmed that Anne had passed, they did not give any details about her death.

Meara and Jerry Stiller were one of the most successful couples in Hollywood, not in terms of money earned or popularity, but love towards each other, according to sources close to the family. They were married for 61 years and worked together for almost just as long.

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