Actor Wentworth Miller Responds To Fat Shamers


Wentworth Miller, famous for his role on the hit television show “Prison Break,” took to his Facebook account to respond to a meme that was shared that mocked him for putting on a bunch of weight. It was shared by popular entertainment site LADbible and reached thousands across the world.

The 43-year-old celebrity talked about the picture that was posted, one in which his muscular build from the “Prison Break” days was being compared to another picture in which he was chubbier. Miller said that the picture was taken in 2010, a time during which he had taken a break from acting because he was incredibly depressed and suicidal.

During this lowest point in his life, Miller said that he turned to food for comfort and gained a bunch of weight.

The good thing is that LADbible responded and apologized for the meme, saying that mental health is nothing to laugh about and that they would take it down.

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