Aaron Paul Thinks Barbie Dolls Are Worse Than Breaking Bad Toys


After Toys R Us decided to pull Breaking Bad toys from all of its stores, the co-star of the series wondered on his Twitter account how come they still sell Barbies and wondered what was more damaging. The decision to pull Breaking Bad figurines from Toys R Us came after more than 9,000 people signed a petition, started by concerned parents, to stop selling them in their stores.

The figurines were spot-on lookalikes of the Breaking Bad characters, complete with tiny bags of meth and money, and many parents were outraged that they were available in a store that is supposed to promote family values.

Aaron Paul believes that, if they pulled those Breaking Bad toys, the store should also consider pulling Barbie dolls, which are believed by some to be detrimental for little girls’ self-esteem and values.

Paul may have a point – a recent study showed that girls who played with Barbie dolls believed they had less career choices than those who played with other toys.

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