Aaron Paul Hits Cheers Bar In Boston With Fans


Don’t you just love it when someone becomes a star but stays down-to-earth? Well, Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul is one of them.
On Wednesday, Paul invited a group of fans for post-movie drinks to celebrate his new film Need for Speed.
What’s more, he took them to one of America’s most iconic bars, Cheers.

Paul attended a preview of his new car racing movie in Boston, and invited fans who showed up for post-drinks, as a sign of appreciation.

“I am in Boston and I love it. We had a screening of the film last night and I invited everyone to join me in Cheers, and it was awesome,” Paul told a local Boston news station.

Interestingly, the Boston Cheers bar was the place where the major part of the series Cheers took place, from 1982 to 1993.

The Emmy-winning actor signed autographs and hanged out with fans, taking photos and jumping behind the bar to help the bartenders. What a cool guy, right?

A fan said, “Oh, yeah, he was having a good time. He took tons of pictures, signed autographs. He seemed really down to earth and normal. But I never heard so many ‘Yo, Bitches’ in my life!”

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