Aaron Lewis Issues An Apology


Before Sunday night’s World Series game, country star, singer Aaron Lewis, performed the national anthem at AT&T Park in San Francisco, which didn’t go well.

According to the Associated Press, Lewis made a mistake after the line “what so proudly we hailed.”

“After starting with ‘O say can you see by the dawn’s early light, what so proudly we hailed,’ Lewis diverted from the lyrics. Instead of singing ‘at the twilight’s last gleaming’ he sang ‘were so gallantly streaming,’ words that appear later in the national anthem.”

Soon after the act, he took to his Facebook profile to apologize.

“All I can say is I’m sorry and ask for the Nation’s forgiveness. My nerves got the best of me and I am completely torn up about what happened. America is the greatest country in the world. The Star-Spangled Banner means so much to so many, including myself.

I hope everyone can understand the intensity of the situation and my true intent of this performance. I hope that the Nation, Major League Baseball and the many fans of our national pastime can forgive me.”


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