21 Most Educated Celebrities


3. Hugh Jackman

Though Reese Witherspoon became planetary famous for her role in Legally Blonde, the beautiful actress is far from a dumb blonde.

She wanted to be an actress since she was seven-years-old, but never wanted to give up on her education, according to her official resume. As a matter of fact, Witherspoon always had good grades in school and especially liked reading, a passion that earned her the reputation of a bookworm.

She attended Stanford University, but quickly put her English literature studies on hold and decided to try her luck in Hollywood. Even though Witherspoon never graduated, she considers herself a high-achiever and hopes to resume her studies one day.

Here’s what she told Interview magazine about her accomplishments:

‘’I just don’t see any of it as that remarkable. Maybe that’s the attitude I choose to have to keep me sane and keep my feet on the ground. I grew up in an environment where women accomplished a lot.’’

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