21 Most Educated Celebrities


We often hear about celebrities who dropped out of school in order to make it big in the competitive world of showbiz, but there are also major stars who knew that they could only benefit from a top-notch education.

These famous people have earned their degrees at some of the most prestigious universities in the world and it’s time we give them a big round of applause for all their amazing achievements.

Here’s our list of 21 most educated celebrities:

1. Jodie Foster

Despite making a breakthrough in Hollywood at the tender age of 14, Jodie Foster didn’t allow fame to interfere with her education.

The Oscar-winning actress was already a huge star when she decided to put acting on hold and pursue an academic degree. Foster eventually received a Bachelor’s in English literature and an honorary Ph.D., both from the prestigious Yale University.

Foster, who has also acted in French movies, is fluent in the language and even dubbed herself in the French versions of her English-speaking movies. She is, however, quite modest and says that she’s an ordinary member of the film crew, comparing herself to a technician who simply knows how the industry works: how to read the lines, where to stand, where to look, and so on.

To quote her:

‘’I’m a member of the crew, like the best boy, the electrician. What I’m good at is making eyes at the camera.”


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