7 Reasons Why Miley Cyrus Is A Marketing Genius


There are plenty of reasons why Miley Cyrus gets under your skin.

But every reason you have for hating her, her marketing team probably has an equally good reason for shocking the hell out of you.

1. She Appeals to our Quirks

OK, well maybe you wouldn’t wear plastic underwear or swing around naked on a wrecking ball, but knowing that she’s weirder than you, totally makes you feel normal.

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  • asssa

    Thats why her manager is smart.
    Not her.

  • xristina biersack

    I don’t think that her music is great.

  • Vince

    she’s kind of disgusting, her music, her looks. The Empress has no cloth.

  • oblov326

    none of this is valid. her manager is a genius because he/she took advantage of her willingness to debase herself in front of a national audience to promote an album. And he/she was able to completely get her away from the ‘hannah montana’ image. she’s now just another pop star trainwreck. and the tongue ting is far from a ‘brand’. it is a stupid move that makes her look like a blithering, brain dead idiot incapable of forming a coherent thought. every time she does is she may as well cross her eyes and drool.

    pop stardom in this country has proven to be a race to the bottom… and the words ‘miley cyrus’ music’ and ‘great’ don’t belong in the same universe. it’s catchy, pre-fab pablum that is forgotten moments after it ends. nevermind he actual lack of singing talent. the only talent she seems to have is a complete lack of shame.

    she doesn’t seem to be as stupid as she looks when she hangs her tongue out like a dolt, but it doesn’t take a genius to know that if you’re willing to get naked and sexually arouse a bunch of people, they’ll watch you. the only thing different about her is the level of hate/heat she and her pr team were able to generate right before her album came out.

  • Zulfiqar Mannan

    I’m no big fan of Miley Cyrus but this article is very on-point, she’s distanced herself from her childhood image and that’s a big feat to proceed ahead with. Her music is definitely great and if you think her voice has no range, you need to brush up on your knowledge of scales and ranges.