22 Most Intelligent Celebrities


People are always joking about celebrities being all kinds of dumb and dense and there is really nothing quite as attention-grabbing as a famous person doing something particularly unintelligent. However, there are quite a few celebs out there that break the mold and that are actually extremely smart.

With this list, we will be looking at some of the brainiest celebrities in the world today. You’ll be surprised that some of these celebs made our list. However, others won’t come as that big of a shocker. Several of these celebs are also very well educated.

1. Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman is not only one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood and one of the most talented actresses working today. Natalie is also extremely intelligent and she also managed to get quite an education over the years.

The Black Swan star earned a bachelor’s degree from Harvard, one of the more prestigious colleges in the world and she added a number of graduate-level classes at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In addition to this, Portman speaks more than half a dozen languages.

Many of her teachers and professors remember her as an extremely bright student, like for instance Alan M. Derschowitz who held a seminar Neuropsychology and the Law which she attended at one point during her education. Natalie herself has always maintained how self—improvement and education are important in her life.

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