22 Most Intelligent Celebrities


While wacky and dumb celebrities often grab all of the shocking headlines, the truth is that there are plenty of big-name celebs who are smart, smart, smart.

Considering that at least on some level celebrities are shaping our culture and thought, it’s reassuring to know that we’ve got some real thinkers on the red carpet.

1. Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman is most likely more intelligent than anyone I’ve ever met,  besides myself at least.

This slender Star Wars and Black Swan star has a bachelor’s from Harvard, speaks at least half a dozen languages and passed graduate-level classes at Jerusalem‘s Hebrew University.

There’s always pressure from other people and yourself. If you’re happy with the looks you’re born with, then what are you going to do your whole life? We keep thinking up new things and finding better ways of doing things because we’re not happy with what we’re given.” said Natalie on one occasion. Well, it’s a quite decent quote comparing to what Hollywood celebrities usually mumble.

She also once said, “I don’t mean to criticize anyone in any way that I wouldn’t criticize myself. I think people should have fun, and have a good time, and enjoy the luck that we have to be lazy and dwell in consumerism. But I think that it’s a balance. And our job as actors is empathy.”

Professor Alan M. Dershowitz also considered Portman an excellent schoolgirl.

She was in my seminar called Neuropsychology and the Law, and I didn’t know who she was because her name was Natalie Hershlag,” he said, referring to Portman’s birth name. “It was a few weeks into the semester that I learned she was an actress—but she was a terrific student.

She has that shiny personality she’s talking about, “Cute is when your personality shines through your looks. Like, when you see someone’s personality in the way they walk and you just feel like hugging them every time you see them.

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  • JenJen

    Some may be more educated than others but …… “Staggeringly” ……doubt that.

  • tipjet

    Sorry Ben, your predilection for “Intelligent Design” does not support the contention that your are intelligent. Your law degree that emphasized recall of numerous legal cases and your affinity toward religious dogma only supports one aspect of intelligence — memorization.

  • Dave Corsi

    Ms Shue’s “brilliant” comment; “Robert Kennedy was such an inspiring figure. His interest in
    politics seemed to come not from a desire for power, but from a need to
    help our society live up to its ideals.” leads one to question her credentials.
    Anyone who seriously studies the life and career of Robert Kennedy and his family’s exploits will most likely draw the exact opposite conclusion.

  • Lola K Francis

    So, all of the actors of color are idiots?

  • SolidBro

    Mira Sorvino has some huge jugs!!

    • http://world-o-crap.blogspot.com/ Anntichrist S. Coulter

      “SolidBro” — what the fuck are you, TWELVE??!?!? This was a post about INTELLIGENCE, and ***THAT’S*** the best that your teeny-peeny brain can concoct?

      I can tell that your sexual interactions are going to be “SOLIDLY” “BRO”-ORIENTED… as in, you sitting on your non-dominant hand until it falls asleep so that you can PRETEND that it’s a “STRANGER”…

      And fuck yes, every man who is my friend, whom I respect, and whose humor that I thoroughly enjoy would DEFINITELY kick your ass, given the opportunity, if I left enough for them to kick. If nothing else, they’d kick your teeny-eeny shriveled-raisin testes back up into your chest cavity, to prevent your idiotic el-penito from pissing into the gene pool.

    • Mirasboobs

      Arent they though?!? I, myself, am a strong proud woman with tiny breasts, so of course I noticed how huge they were right away. Hey….annntichhrissssttttt……what kind of name is that heathen??? Women are proud of their breasts!!!! Don’t you think Mira wore that dress for us to see her huge “jugs”? I’m thinking you’re not part of the aforementioned category….intellectual…

    • Mirasboobs

      Hey SolidBro….no worries….I checked out our friends website. It’s a bunch of crap….either Coulter doesn’t have big boobs, or isn’t attractive. No one else has that much time for crappy blogs…

    • Mark V. Shaney

      Hilarious, because that was the first thing I noticed. I literal copied and pasted her name in another window to examine her b00bs later at my leisure. That sounds incredibly pervy to me as I write this but that’s the way it is.

      • Mark V. Shaney

        My research did pay off!! They’re fake.

  • David M. Smithson

    I lived for many years in Studio City, California, with on-screen talent both living in my neighborhood and I knew others due to my young daughter attending the same private schools as their kids. All I want to say is that one should not make assumptions about the actual personality or intelligence [or lack thereof] of on-screen talent based upon their image, for what I quickly learned [although I always assumed as much] is that there is no relationship at all between what roles many actors & actresses play and their real-life personalities. And I’m sure that none of us would want the public peering into our places of employment and reaching conclusions about us based upon what they observed and assume.

  • WDD

    Where is Dr. William Cosby? And Dr. Robert Vaughn?

  • Mark V. Shaney

    The only reason I clicked all the way through to the end was to make sure that Kanye wasn’t listed. THANK GOD

  • KL23

    Education does not equal intelligence. Pretty stupid \article, tbh.

    • Alex Sabatino

      Exactly! The idiots that write this crap need to worry about their own intelligence, because they clearly don’t understand the difference between intelligence quotient and high education.

  • http://liberalsbackwardsthink.com Dustin Koellhoffer

    High IQ is great, but without knowledge and a good moral compass it means nothing. Like a high end computer with an empty hard drive making decisions without knowing right from wrong.

  • Namea

    So we’ve come to the point in society in which someone famous can have graduated college and suddenly they’re considered a genius? Really? Ordinary people graduate college every day. It doesn’t take a genius. It’s something every person in society should be doing. Being a great actor and having degrees in it doesn’t make you a genius, it makes you a great actor. Some of the entries truly are impressive but most of them are everyday accomplishments that are being applauded because they’re famous. Applauding mediocrity in those of notoriety and disguising it as excellence can only bring society down.

    Mediocrity is never to be applauded. Accepted yes, but never applauded. No one should strive for “average”. Strive for excellence instead.

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  • Legalmantt

    The list does not contain Danica McKellar and is therefore invalid….