7 Faces Of Johnny Depp


Even before his romance with Tim Burton, Johnny Depp has been cranking out some weird-ass but totally freaking brilliant characters.

Let’s take a look at the 7 faces of one of Hollywood’s quirkiest A-listers.

1. Edward Scissorhands

A man with scissors instead of hands that only wears bad leather and needs a hairstyle intervention like yesterday… Johnny’s remarkable performance made even this strange plot seem like it could totally happen – even if in another dimension.

2. Jack Sparrow

Weirder than a dog that moos, Jack Sparrow was half-saggy pirate and half bat-shit-crazy. I wonder what the producers thought when they first laid eyes on Johnny’s vision.

They probably would have never guessed his outlandish performance would not only be a classic but go on to rake in countless bucks in merchandising.

3. Tonto

Well, we’re a little surprised. Although we expected another outlandish performance, we also half expected some backlash over the Tonto costume.

Surprisingly, the character was well received by Native American sects despite that giant dead bird on his head.

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