13 Celebrity Moments That Shook The World


Though we don’t know them personally, it’s incredible how connected we can become to the people that are on our TV screens and fill our stereos.

These 7 celebrity moments were so shocking they not only shook Hollywood, but the ripple effect was felt around the world.

1. Whitney Houston’s Death

It was what her fans had feared for decades; after her long battle with drug abuse, Whitney was found dead in her hotel bathtub. Despite her rocky past, we’ll always remember her striking voice and beautiful soul.

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  • Chris

    Heath Ledger should’ve been in here!

    • cbts

      Heath Ledge was in there. Maybe you didn’t recognize him because his hair was buzzed off.

  • jaiden

    no mention of michael jackson? wasn’t his death bigger that all the rest combined?

    • Shelby

      I wouldn’t say it’s bigger than ALL of them combined, but it was pretty damn big.. Kurt Cobain’s death should be on this list too.