13 Celebrity Couples That Should Have Never Broken Up


Celebrities know heart ache just like you and I do.

Dang, without broken hearts, there wouldn’t be all that many pop or country music songs, now would there be?

So, we ought to thank our lucky stars above that celebrity couples do indeed break up.

However, these are some that should have stayed together, at least in our opinion. What do you think about these 7 celebrity couples?

1. Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas

I don’t know about you, but to me the breakup of Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas is the worst of all time. Just think of all of the adorable children that will never be born.

It was the year of our lord 2008 and Joe Jonas called Taylor to tell her something. That something was that the two of them are history.

He managed to do all that in a phone-call that lasted thirty seconds. Good work Joe, you’re a true gentleman…

After they broke up, some tabloids claimed that the song “Paranoid” on the Jonas Brothers’ album, Lines, Vines and Trying Times was dedicated Swift. Jonas Brothers however denied the claim, but check out some of these lyrics:

“I get a rep for breakin’ hearts

Now I’m done with superstars

And all the tears on her guitar

I’m not bitter

But now I see

Everything I’d ever need

Is the girl in front of me

She’s much better”

… Ouch, Joe!

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  • Jeffery

    Unless you are within their relationship dynamic, saying these couples should stay together is rather ignorant.

  • kellie

    I can see how couples could fall in “love” while working on movie together, but should refrain and give 6 months after movie role ends to move on a relationship. They are acting out a script not real life and Im sure its hard to separate the two..

  • NurseTammy

    elderly hahahahah

  • CelticWoman

    Angelina is way better than Jennifer…but why am I even reading this drivel except for the facT I am A HUGE ANGELINA FAN!

  • Steven Divver

    I think they were immature and later gave up on marriage because of their bad decisions.

  • Nelson Savidge

    I think having unfounded opinions about people is appropriate and should be encouraged. If you don’t know something make it up, that;s what Hollywood is all about, make believe………….
    I like big lips but she isn’t much in the acting department

  • Carol McMeans

    you gotta be kidding me! so sick of hearing about Jennifer. he wanted more than she had to give. he is right where he is supposed to be. ya’ll just got to have something to write about.

  • Spitfire

    I don’t know who actually writes these pieces, but they need an editor. They’re terribly written. Does anyone care about grammar anymore? The “style” of writing endless run on sentences without any commas, is needlessly confusing.

  • missy patterson

    I am not comfortable with black men and white women. Notice that they are all blonds.
    Getting back at slavery? Which by the way is still in Africa where it STARTED.
    White men and black women seem to not breed. Certainly not accepted.

    Stick with your own, Never saw a cardinal breed with a crow.