15 Celebrities You Never Knew Had Famous Parents


They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and in this case they were absolutely right.

These celebrity kids have very famous parents… some you probably knew, and some you didn’t.

1. Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson, the star of movies such as Fool’s Gold, The Skeleton Key and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, was destined for great things since she was born.

Her mother, Goldie Hawn, Academy Award winning actress made sure of that and not to mention her step-dad actor Kurt Russell, who helped Goldie raise Kate and her brother, along with actor Oliver Hudson (Rules Of Engagement).

Kate’s father, William Louis “Bill” Hudson is an American singer and actor, best known for being in the band The Hudson Brothers. He married the Academy Award winning actress in 1976 following her divorce from Gus Trikonis.

The couple had two children, both of whom went into an acting profession. However, Hudson has specified that her genetic dad “doesn’t know me from a hole in the wall”, and that she sees Russell as her father. On the other hand, Kate has called her mother as “the woman that I’ve learned the most from, and who I look up to, who has conducted her life in a way that I can look up to.”

Kate Hudson is of Italian, English, Hungarian Jewish and German, as well as a very distant Dutch descent. Kate was accepted to New York University but chose an acting career instead of an undergraduate degree when she was younger.

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  • Karen Reid

    Stella McCartney
    per se

  • nic

    I didn’t know he was Ben Stillers Dad

  • Toni

    Both of his parents are famous. They were a comedy duo “Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara”. Both of his parents still work. His father is just currently
    more active than his mother.

    • Virginia Vapig

      Thanks for mentioning that. I’ve always liked Stiller and Meara. In the movie Night at the Museum, she played the employment agent. Got a kick out of him saying, “I feel we have a connection (to his mother) and she replies, I feel no such connection.” Cute!

  • And by that I mean, seriously

    I didn’t know Kristen Stewart had famous parents, but I would have bet that the mouth breath did.

  • gt060309

    well no wonder she got the part! she was so bad at acting in the first movie! guess she got the hang of it !

  • Alixandra Sun

    Nepotism is all the rage in Hollywood. Explains why some actors are made of wood and keep their jobs . . .

  • sara simonds

    The King of Queens is his most recent TV series and therefore the most notable. Not everyone knows about Seinfeld.

    • spunkysmum

      REALLY. Are you kidding me? The King of Queens is more notable than Seinfeld?

  • PitViper

    They mention Kristen Stewarts parent’s as being ‘influential in Hollyweird’ and to me, since they’re not regular celebrities she shouldn’t be on this ‘list’. To leave off Anne Meara as being Ben Stiller’s mother is ludicrous. She is as big as Jerry Stiller in the comedy world of yesteryear.

    • ndnwmn

      Why not? Jennifer Annistons father is famous mainly for his work in soap operas…What is wrong with including who work tirelessly behind the scenes?

  • Rafik Cezanne

    The “Lucky Gene Pool”….

  • Ace5572

    I always wondered how Kristen Stewart kept getting roles. Now it all makes sense. She is the worst actress of all time. Id rather watch Fran Drescher for 48 hours straight than sit through one more Kristen Stewart movie.

    • prtfvr

      You’ve gone too far with that one! Fran Drescher for 48 hours? I’ll be the one standing on a chair with a noose around my neck!

    • Paige Cat

      You are so right on that one! It’s amazing how having famous parents can get your foot in the door so much easier than if you were on your own.

  • mike

    Barbara Streisand?

  • spiffykeen

    And Ben Stiller’s mom is Anne Meara, who is an amazing and prolific actress.

  • spiffykeen

    Lily Allen’s brother Alfie plays Theon Greyjoy on Game of Thrones. (Yes, I know it’s not parent-related, but it’s still a fun fact.)

  • sam gray

    Ok…. so some of these celebrities and most of the “famous” parents ive never even heard of, guessing they are only american famous not global famous?? i mean i didnt even know tom hanks HAD a “celebrity” son

  • Mary

    I feel fairly confident that Ben Stiller’s parents are common knowledge.

  • native new yorker

    i grew up with one of these people. the father was not a famous actor, but he was definitely in the industry. the person i am talking about has talent, but many others just as talented did not make it because of no connections.

  • native new yorker

    btw, the now famous guy i grew up with whose dad was in the industry has a wiki that omits any info about his parents.

  • Paris

    HOLY SHIT. Colin Hanks looks EXACTLY like his father. That is scary and creepy at the same time…

  • william76

    >> or as you know him, “Author Spooner”

    …how did I get here?

  • rachelirate

    You might have mentioned that Kate Hudson’s dad is canadian Bill Hudson and not left him out, he is a singer that had some celebrity.

  • Hal

    re: Liza Minnelli being the daughter of “the legendary Judy Garland” — you might have made at least passing mention that her father Vincent Minnelli was a famous and highly regarded film director.

  • kim

    I love king of queens!

  • J

    Rashida Jones is the daughter of Quincy Jones…that one’s pretty crazy if you ask me. Her mother was on The Mod Squad

  • kat

    kristen stewart’s parent’s “are quite influential in hollywood”. gee, ya think? i already knew this, and it explains why she gets jobs, even though her “acting” is so one dimensional and just plain boring to watch. and does the girl Ever smile? come on, was being a multi, multi, multi millionaire while you were still in your teens really That bad? aw. poor kid.

  • i have done my research

    famous parents do not get there kids roles, they get them in the door and it is up to the children to carry on, if anyone thinks children with famous parents gets them years of jobs in the movies are on drugs!! do your research before you open your mouth and make yourself look stupid! good lord!!

    • Dave

      Hey wise guy, The list is long, and goes back to the early days of Hollywood… that powerful connections get you jobs in the highly paid glamour business of Show. From Douglas Fairbanks to Tori Spelling… talented or not, you get the jobs that kids from Kansas bust their humps for. Punks… ie: Kiefer Sutherland or cool cats like ? they keep working. Some even learn to act or sing along the way. Most don’t!

  • Cerredwyn

    This is by far one of the most ridiculous “you never knew lists that I’ve ever seen. I admit that I’m nearly 59. I guess if I were under 30 I might not know these famous parents, but there were only 2 I didn’t know.

    BTW…HUGE error in leaving out Anne Meara when talking about Ben Stiller’s famous parents. Stiller and Meara were the darlings of standup comedy in the 60’s and appeared often as the loveable husband & wife with “issues.” Look more closely at Ben and check out Anne Meara, he has her eyes. He also features her in cameo roles in his movies.

  • Starr

    Does Liza Minelli look like Ben Stiller in drag?

  • cetaami

    James Brolin is best known for Amityville Horror? Are you kidding me? He’s best known for Marcus Welby, MD!

  • roda

    you all hate kristen stewart, thays ok she dont need ur opinion.. stewart is a good actress, bcoz if not? she cant be famous actress in hollyood.. she said, even if she didnt smile it doesnt mean shes bad mood,. she always quiet bcoz she doesnt like fake people.. :-) :-) she become an actress bcoz she’s talented,. :-) peace.. im a fan .. thats why i dont want to see like opinion that can be hurt..

  • Lisa

    How are these celebrities we didn’t know had famous parents? Some of them we definitely knew about like Kate Hudson and Ben Stiller. The one I didn’t know and wondered about is Kristen Stewart. I guess it pays to have parents in the biz becoz she should not be getting paid in this biz since she can’t act. No wonder she never bothered with acting classes. She must have thought, why bother training as an actor when you’ve got connections to help you land roles?

  • Jade

    Kristen Stewart is obviously gay. C’mon people. She’s as common knowledge in the gay community as Ellen Page was.

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