11 Things You Never Knew About Joseph Gordon-Levitt


You loved him as that adorable alien kid in Third Rock from the Sun . . . and after twenty years, JGL is still out of this world.

You know the guy can act, direct, write AND sing but did you know . . .

1. He Wigged Out On The Paparazzi

JGL was flipping on the paparazzi before flipping on the paparazzi was cool (you got served, Kanye). Tired of being photographed, Joe turned his video camera on the paparazzi following his car… you can watch his epically entitled Pictures of Assholes here.

Tell us this doesn’t beat the hell out of walking into a sign.

2. He Loves Sesame Street

Nobody wants to live on the moon – especially not Ernie… or Joseph Gordon Levitt. Joe paid homage to the nostalgia that is Sesame Street when he recorded a cover of the childhood classic “I don’t want to live on the Moon”.

3. He Was the Annoying Kid on Roseanne

George was the annoying friend poor DJ just couldn’t get away from. Joseph played DJ’s friend George in a few consecutive episodes of Roseanne.

Yeah you know – the TV family you said you’d NEVER grow up to be but then did.

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  • Mike

    Just because you write and direct doesn’t mean you “can” do it. Don Jon was horrible.

    • Allan Hall

      The majority of people disagree with you.

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