6 Crazy Names Celebrities Gave To Their Kids


In an age of advancing technology and crazy new fads, trends come and go as quickly as the sun sets. But there’s one craze that’s taken the world by storm and it isn’t exactly recent; the celebrity baby naming craze. You name a random word and you’ll often find that some of the world’s most famous celebrities have named their offspring after it!

Let’s take a look at some of the craziest celebrity baby names.

1. Apple

The doctor’s say that it’s always good to start your day with some healthy fruit or veg.

Celebrity A-listers Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin clearly opted to have a bit of fruit by naming their daughter after this crunchy red or green delight.

2. Kal-El

For fans of Superman, you’ll immediately recognize the name Kal-El as Clark Kent’s actual title.

Nicolas Cage is obviously an avid follower, as he went as far as naming his son after his action hero.

3. Pilot Inspektor

Ok as far as crazy names goes, this is one of the craziest.

My Name Earl star Jason Lee decided that Pilot would make a great first name and unfortunately his son was on the butt-end of this decision. Why did he go for this name? The radio just so happened to be playing “He’s The Pilot” by Grandaddy.

4. Sage Moonblood

Sylvester Stallone openly acknowledges that he wanted a name that screamed action and heritage for his son.

With a first name of Sage and a middle name of Moonblood, his decision was based on his appearances as Rambo, which featured a hell of a lot of blood and perhaps he just likes moons.

Plus, Sage smells nice. The plant, not the child.

5. Blue Angel

Band member The Edge from world-class rockers U2 could have opted for the name Angel, but he had to go all blue on us.

Why Blue Angel for his first daughter?

Well her eyes were blue and she had the voice of an angel of course.

6. Jermajesty

Jermaine Jackson has always been the (slightly) more introverted brother of Michael Jackson, but clearly no less egotistical.

He named his first son Jermajesty in recognition of… himself.

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