11 Celebrities On Downward Spirals That Climbed Their Way


From hitting rock bottom to battling serious illnesses, these eleven celebrities has at one point been on downward spirals but eventually brought themselves back up on top.

1. Jack Osbourne

We remember Jack as the chubby kid with a drug problem, and maybe that’s what made his climb back up from the bottom so inspiring. Last year, Jack celebrated 10 years of sobriety, which is pretty impressive. What’s even more impressive is that he checked into a rehab facility at 17.

Marking the anniversary, Jack tweeted:

“Well I never thought this was gonna happen 10 years ago.”

Jack, a father of one, celebrated by spending some time with his family. His wife, Lisa Stelly, re-tweeted his message:

“Awesome date night w/my hubby @mrjackO to celebrate his 10th sober anniversary. So proud of my strong, inspiring man.”

His sister also gave him a pat on the back on twitter by posting:

“My brother @MrJackO is a f**king legend!!!!”

Jack has gotten super fit and stopped doing drugs, but he then found out he has multiple sclerosis. If that wasn’t bad enough, his wife Lisa recently had a devastating late-term miscarriage.

Jack didn’t go back to his old ways despite the tragic loss and continues to enjoy his wife, their beautiful daughter Pearl and his current part on Dancing with the Stars.

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