50 Cent’s Two-Year-Old Makes More Money Than You


It seems that making a lot of money just runs in Curtis Jackson’s family. Better know as 50 Cent, the rapper turned entrepreneur is worth already worth millions and his son is trying to do the same. 50 Cent revealed during a radio interview that his two year old son Sire has just landed a modeling contract that is worth $700,000.

“He’s super cute, you goota pay for it,” Jackson said.

However, the rapper is also teaching his son financial responsibility, adding that the money is going to be placed in a trust fund and that he won’t be able to touch it until he’s 18.

Sire’s mother is Daphne Joy, who is 50’s ex-girlfriend. They had a pretty volatile break-up, but according to the rapper, they are now on good terms and “friends.”

A lot of parents would probably take the $700,000 and pay off their mortgages, but not 50, he doesn’t need help from his son to pay for anything.

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