50 Cent Arrested For Swearing During Concert


It looks like there is no end in sight to 50 Cent’s legal woes. The New York rapper is now in hot water for cursing in public.

50 just performed a show in St. Kitts, an island in the West Indies, where it’s illegal to swear in public. Of course, he didn’t know that and like many other rappers, used some curse words in his songs. According to the report, 50 Cent – real name Curtis Jackson – uttered the word “motherf—–,” which led to his arrest.

According to his reps, 50 Cent used a local DJ who did not have any clean versions of his material. So, naturally, the songs included swear words.

The celebrity rapper apparently had to pay a fine before leaving the island. Other than that, he said the show, which was played in front of 40,000 fans, was a great success and he can’t wait to come back.

We don’t know how much he was fined, but we do know that rapper DMX was once fined $376 for swearing during a show played in the Caribbean.

So, it probably isn’t that bad, which is good news for 50, who recently filed for bankruptcy.

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