12 Celebrities With Skeletons In Their Closets


Everyone makes mistakes – some just do it a little better than others.

We are bound to have some unfortunate mishaps in course of our relatively short lives, but the difference between us and celebrities is that they have to explain themselves to the public.

The unwritten rule is the following: The bigger the celebrity, the bigger the skeleton (or the closet). These five celebrities have some major skeletons in their closet . . . among other things. So, lets let them out!

1. Mark Wahlberg

In 1986, back when Mr. Wahlberg was just a Marky Mark poster with those ridiculous underpants sticking out of the top of his pants, he was charged with the attempted murder of a Vietnamese man with a wooden stick. On that very same day, he managed to assault another Vietnamese man, leaving the man permanently blind in one eye. For these two assaults Mark was charged with attempted murder, later pleading guilty to an assault charge that landed him a two year prison sentence at Boston’s Deer Island House of Correction. Of the two-year sentence, he served 45 days and was then released.

Despite Mark being only sixteen at the time of his conviction, he still had run-ins with the law before this. At fifteen, he had a civil action filed against him for harassing African-American children in two separate incidents. In total, the Boston Police has about 20-25 reports involving Marky Mark.

In a 2006 interview with ABC News, commenting on his crimes Mark Wahlberg said:

“I did a lot of things that I regret, and I have certainly paid for my mistakes…You have to go and ask for forgiveness and it wasn’t until I really started doing good and doing right by other people, as well as myself, that I really started to feel that guilt go away. So I don’t have a problem going to sleep at night. I feel good when I wake up in the morning.”

After serving time in prison, Mark Wahlberg changed his bad-boy ways, citing that it wasn’t what he made it out to be and started on his career path of becoming a famous Hollywood actor.

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