22 Superstitious Celebs


2. Tiger Woods

It’s not unusual for athletes, especially successful professional ones, to be superstitious. When they start a winning streak, athletes often do their best not to change any element that was involved in their success. For example, they wear the same socks or eat the same thing for breakfast.

We are not sure if this is the case with Tiger Woods, but one thing we know from his own words that he is superstitions about colors. The color red, to be precise. Allegedly, his mother, a highly superstitious woman herself, told young Tiger that every person has a lucky color and that his color is red. So, he made sure to surround himself with this color, sometimes in details and little things we don’t see and very often he dons a red polo.

Whatever he’s doing, looks like red truly is his lucky color. At least professionally, seeing that his personal life has been in shambles lately.

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