22 Superstitious Celebs


If you want to make it to the top, whether you are an actor, rocker, or athlete, you are going to need to have a little bit of luck on your side. So it’s not surprise then that so many celebrities are superstitious in one way or another. Here is a list of celebrities who have very weird and very serious superstitions.

1. Paris Hilton

It takes one look at Paris to know instantly she’s a superstitious type. It’s just the kind of girl she is, and there’s nothing wrong with that, of course.

When asked about it in an interview, Paris said that she’s pretty much as superstitious as the next person. You know, make a wish when the clock says it’s 11:11, the usual stuff. Or, knock on wood when someone says something she doesn’t want to happen. Unfortunately, her little superstitious habits don’t seem to work, or maybe she forgot to knock on wood when someone said her career is going down the drain and not even all of her daddy’s money is going to help her.

Let’s get serious, though. When it comes to superstition, Paris is no worse than most of us. So no matter what we think of her as a performer, a celebrity or a person, we have to give her credit for this.

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