21 Ways Old School Celebs Defined Cool

Lee Marvin, 1944, Marshall Islands

Lee Marvin, 1944, Marshall Islands

When most people think about old school celebrities – the ones who were all the rage 50 or 60 years ago – they think of them as these proper, buttoned-up nice guys and gals who were anything but cool.

In reality, these old school celebs were about a billion times hotter and cooler than anyone the celebrity culture of our contemporary times has to offer. Today, we will be giving you 21 reasons why old school celebs were way cooler.

1. They Killed Nazis

Most leading men born before World War II starred in at least one movie where they killed Nazis by the dozens. Some of these movies were lame, others were great. However, the Nazi killings that we’re talking about today are not the cinematic and metaphoric ones. We are talking about actual killing of Nazis while you’re in the army.

James Stewart, Lenny Bruce, Charles Durning and Lee Marvin were just some of the old school celebs who fought in World War II. Marvin actually fought the Japanese as opposed to the others who served mostly in Europe.

To be perfectly honest, we are having a difficult time imagining today’s celebrities taking part in actual battle against armed opponents. We’re also sure no one would like to have them in their trench, either.

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