21 Times Female Celebs Reacted Perfectly To Sexism


It ain’t easy being a celebrity, really. Everyone thinks it’s all fun and games, resting in a 100 acre villa, wearing fancy clothes and getting photographed. Not only is that pretty much untrue, but there are also certain aspects of fame that a lot of people can’t even imagine. And yeah, sexism is one of them.

Sexist comments can drag a woman down, hurt her and strongly affect her – but not these girls. Take a look at these awesome responses female celebrities had when they faced sexism:

1. Lavern Cox

Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black star Lavern Cox admits she is already quite used to being the one receiving absurd questions. The cool thing about her is that she somehow manages to stay calm every single time, respond in an awesome manner and still make perfect sense with her answer. Add to that the fact that she openly advocates transgenderism (being a transgender person herself), and she really becomes even more cool.

It was during an interview with Wendy Williams that she was asked a whole set of awful questions about being trans. And the absolutely worst one was if she had breast implants. But Cox kept her cool and calmly explained that it is not appropriate to talk about such things on camera. Moreover, she said that she wouldn’t even discuss it off camera because of the harsh treatment transgender people receive when they openly talk about themselves. Way to go, Lavern!

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