21 Most Shocking Celebrity Affairs


No one is immune to affairs, not even the most boring among us nor the mostly saintlike. These things happen and they definitely happen to celebrities. Some more cynical people might say that celebs are part of scandals more often. However, the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle: celeb affairs only seem more dramatic because they’re out in the open.

In any case, today, we will be looking at some of the most incredible and widely publicized celebrity affairs that have occurred over the years. You will read about lapses in judgment, about year-long betrayals and everything in between.

 1. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver

You might say that Arnie has a number of things going for him that make him almost bound for extramarital affairs: he is a mega-popular and mega-rich actor, AND he is a politician.

For years, if not decades, his marriage to Maria Shriver from the Kennedy family seemed like just another part of his American Dream coming true. He effectively married into American royalty when Maria became his wife and their marriage did last for 25 years.

It all ended in 2011, when it was discovered that Arnie not only cheated on Maria, but that he had a secret daughter who was 14 at that time. The mother of his lovechild was the family’s maid which probably made things even worse for Maria. As you can imagine, they split up.

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