21 Most Notorious Celebrity Cheaters


Staying loyal in a relationship is rare in Hollywood, but these guys take it too far. This is the Hall of Fame of celebrity cheaters.

1. Tiger Woods

One of the most successful golfers of all times, Tiger Woods will also be remembered as one of the biggest cheaters. There have, of course, been bigger cheaters than him, but for some reason his own cheating scandal received almost unprecedented media and tabloid attention.

In 2009, following a car accident, it was revealed (by the National Enquirer, who else), that he had been having an affair with a New York night club manager Rachel Uchitel. Soon, other women stepped up, 19 of them, claiming they had an affair with Woods, and this, following a public acknowledgement and apology by the Woods, led to his divorce from wife Elin Nordegren in 2010.

The scandal harmed Woods’ career, especially his relationship with sponsors, many of which, most notably Gatorade, AT&T and General Motors, dropped him instantly. His affairs damaged not only Woods but also his shareholders, who suffered a loss estimated between $5 billion and $12 billion.

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