21 Hottest Hollywood Hunks Of All Time



Paul Newman was a hunk in that classic sense of the word. Men like Newman never really go out of style. He kept his good looks even as he grew old, becoming one of those old men whose daughters’ (or even granddaughters’ ) friends wouldn’t mind dating. Even right before his death in 2008 Newman’s famous blue eyes kept shining as bright as we remember them from Cool Hand Luke, The Sting and, of course, Bitch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

A big part of Paul Newman’s appeal came from his attitude, whether it was real or perceived due to the type of roles he took. We’re talking about a combination of spiteful dignity and soft, quiet pride and self-awareness combined with just a pinch of touch guy attitude. He was an extremely talented and intelligent actor and those who knew him say he was one of the kindest, warmest persons around.

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