21 Hottest Hollywood Hunks Of All Time


Hollywood has seen its share of beefcakes over the years, but some leading men simply stand out from the crowd. The real hunks not only have great looks, they have the acting skills to go with the chiseled features as well. Here are the hottest hunks in movie history!


Arguably one of the best actors of all times and definitely one of the best in his generation, Marlon Brando was something of a proto-hunk. Being an adherent of the so-called method acting, Brando used to change his physique to fit the role so in some movies he was buff and muscular and on others he was more of a skinny, almost feeble type. Of course, that changed with time when he started gaining weight and never really went back to his old hunky self. Still, even at his “piggiest,” Brando always had that something that made the women swoon.

Marlon Brando was probably the hottest as Stanley Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire. He either donned a wife-beater or a skinny-fitting T-shirt or he simply went around shirtless, giving Blanche and the others long, meaningful looks that Brando practically patented and that Ben Stiller was probably thinking of when he came up with “Blue Steel” in Zoolander. The man was ridiculously hot in a pensive, problematic, bad boy kind of way, which is pretty much the ultimate winning formula for the ladies.

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