21 Hottest Bald Male Celebs Of All Time


Hair seems to be really important in Hollywood and with celebrities in general. That’s why so many of them have transplants or wear wigs. But there are the chosen few who are bald and flaunt it. Not only that, there are some famous bald men who are hotter than just about any guy with hair.

Here are some of the hottest male stars of all time who have no hair:


The English action hero is one of those men who probably look better with no hair. By now he’s almost completely bald, but even when he had some hair and a noticeably receding hairline, he was a total hunk, with the bald head just adding to his “silent tough guy” charms.

Statham rose to prominence thanks to Guy Ritchie, who loved the actor so much he cast him in several of his blockbusters, most notably in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch and Revolver. Statham also appeared in The Transporter franchise, in The Italian Job, The Bank Job and, of course, in The Expendables.

Frequently voted as one of the hottest guys in Hollywood right now, Jason Statham is living proof that, when it comes to hair, sometimes less is more. And, to make him even more perfect, the actor is also an athlete, a martial artist and a former pro diver who placed 12th in the 1992 world championship.

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