21 Classic Hollywood Stars And Their Contemporary Counterparts


Many will argue that today’s stars can’t compete with the star power of vintage Hollywood, but we disagree. Here are 21 stars of today that remind us greatly of some of the best celebrities of classic Hollywood.


When it comes to the Princess of Monaco, it’s particularly difficult to choose a modern-day star that could serve as an adequate counterpart, because there are actually a few actresses today that possess a similar type of beauty and charm as her. Think of January Jones, who might be the star that looks the most like Grace Kelly, or Nicole Kidman with her brand of cold, reserved beauty. Blake Lively also comes in close, especially after her role in The Age of Adaline.

However, we decided the best counterpart for the great Grace Kelly should be Gwyneth Paltrow. First of all, the two stars have very similar bone structure, especially in the face. There is something about Paltrow’s shy, modest smile that evokes the Princess of Monaco, not to mention her style has been compared to Kelly’s on several occasions, especially on the red carpet. The role of Grace Kelly in her biopic eventually went to Nicole Kidman but we kind of wish Paltrow got the part.

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