21 Celebs You Didn’t Know Were From Tennessee

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The Volunteer State is known for much more than its honeybees, mockingbirds and breathtaking natural landscapes. There are some rather influential people that all Tennesseans can proudly call compatriots, from actors and singers to politicians and professional sports players. Let’s see which 21 famous people are proud to call Tennessee their home:

1. Maurice White

You most likely remember Maurice as the founder of the supergroup Earth, Wind & Fire and you probably hum some of their songs from time to time, as they’re as catchy as it gets. While mostly known for his impressive stagecraft and inventive compositions, as well as his skills with the drums, singing, songwriting and producing, let us not forget his roots – Maurice White was born in Memphis, Tennessee, on December 19, 1941.

After graduating from the Chicago Conservatory of Music, he found his first professional engagement in 1963 as a session drummer for Chess Records. Not long after, he began playing with the Ramsey Lewis Trio, but in 1969 decided he wanted his own band, so he formed the Salty Peppers, which he later renamed to Earth, Wind & Fire (an ode to his astrological chart which contained no water signs).

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