21 Celebs You Didn’t Know Were From Ohio

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Ohio might not be the biggest or most popular state in the country, but it sure does pump out a healthy stream of great people. From big name athletes to Hollywood legends, inventors to politicians, here is a list of hugely famous people you probably didn’t know where from the Buckeye state.


Russell Wilson is the perfect example of an athlete that never gave up and became one of the best in his sport because he believed in himself. He was born in Cincinnati, and while he was in high school in state, he excelled in just about every sport that he played.

As we all know, he eventually became an NFL player, but Wilson was good enough in baseball to play that professionally as well. He played college football in NC State and then in Wisconsin. His draft class was a great one for quarterbacks, but no one was really talking about Wilson when the Seattle Seahawks chose to pick him.

Most analysts were saying that even though he has a great arm and he is very athletic and can run, Wilson really didn’t stand a chance of becoming an elite NFL quarterback because he was 5’11”. But he soon proved everyone wrong and ended up winning a Super Bowl in just his second professional season.

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