21 Celebs With Second Jobs You Won’t Believe


While you might know a lot of your favorite stars from acting, music or sports, that might not be where they make all of their money, or even most of it. Here are a few stars from around the entertainment world that have second jobs you would have never guessed they had.


Jeremy Renner is one of those people who realized that being paid nice money doesn’t mean you get to lay back with a cold one and do nothing for the rest of the life. More importantly, he understands that, once you get those big bucks, you simply have to do something with them, otherwise they’ll be over in no time on champagne, limos or whatever it is that rich people spend their money on.

Being a rather intelligent fellow, Renner figured that once you have the initial capital, you can actually make pretty good money from flipping houses. Flipping houses is this thing where you buy a house in modest or even run-down condition, remodel it, restore it and sell it for way more than what you originally paid for it. It’s not an easy business and you have to have an eye for it, you have to have patience and you can’t be lazy. The Hurt Locker and The Town star definitely fits the profile since he managed to sell one of the first houses he bought for $1 million more than what he first paid for it.

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