21 Celebrity Single Moms


It’s not easy being a single mother – you have to go through all the struggles of raising a child alone, and that includes feeding them, washing them, entertaining them, and teaching them everything you know, just like your mother and/or father taught you when you were but a wee child. Now imagine all the trouble a mother is going through when raising a child alone, and add the stress of being a celebrity everyone’s following around. It’s definitely not easy being a celebrity single mom, so to honor these strong women, we’ve compiled a list of the 21 best ones, let’s see which made the cut:

1. Sandra Bullock

One of the most adorable and charming actresses in Hollywood has had little luck in her love life. She dated some high-profile people, including Matthew McConaughey, Ryan Gosling, Tate Donovan, and Troy Aikman, but has never managed to maintain a stable and long relationship. She was married to Monster Garage host Jesse James, but that didn’t end too well either, with all his cheating and everything.

She finally gave up on it all and decided to fly solo. She revealed that she had secretly adopted a baby boy, Louis Bardo, from New Orleans. Reportedly, she’s a great mother to the boy, their emotional bond is very strong, and Bullock even stated in an interview that she had never known what real love is until she started forming a 2-piece family with her baby boy.

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