21 Celebrity Single Dads


2. Usher

The American singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor divorced his wife Tameka Foster in 2009 because she wasn’t ready to deal with the pressures of fame.

After the divorce, he engaged in a three-year-long battle for sole custody of their two children Usher V, born in 2007, and Naviyd, born in 2008. After a lot of paperwork, court appearances, and god knows what else, Usher managed to win custody with the explanation that Foster was unstable and unable to bond with the boys. The fight was far from over, though.

In August 2013, a horrible tragedy was on the brink of happening, as Usher V nearly drowned when he got his arm caught in the drain of a swimming pool in his dad’s home in Atlanta. He was submerged under water for three minutes before two workers rescued him. Although the boy was brought to a hospital and suffered no injuries, the incident reignited the custody battle. Foster, however, lost again.

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