21 Celebrity Single Dads


Being a single parent is no small feat – especially if you’re a high profile celebrity that has to deal with the pressure of public exposure and do a job that requires you to be away from home all the time. Things get even spicier when it’s the dads we’re talking about. These 21 celebrity dads somehow manage to balance their hectic lives with the responsibilities every parent faces on a daily basis, so let’s see who the most awesome dads in showbiz are:

1. Johnny Depp

You may know Johnny Depp mostly because of his zany characters, but he’s had the chance of taking on some serious roles as well – including being a father of two. Also, let’s not forget that he’s the godfather of Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter’s son Billy. And the biggest challenge and recognition certainly comes from the fact that even though it may have been difficult to raise children together with Vanessa Paradis, it has been much more difficult raising them alone since their split in 2012.

The Hollywood icon now acts as a single dad to the pair’s two kids Jack and Lily-Rose. Despite the fact that he has always been notoriously private about his family life, he’s publicly shown devotion to his children on a number of ocassions. After all, two of his tattoos include the words Lily-Rose over his heart and Jack on his right forearm.

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