21 Best HBO Shows Of All Time



The other best TV show of all time, The Sopranos faired better than The Wire when it came to accolades and ratings, meaning it probably found a larger niche. And it’s not really surprising – the series, no matter how dark and deep it got a lot of the time, was also extremely pleasant to watch.

There is some truly great humor in this show and the fact it combined with the in-depth profile of a man who is at the same time a devoted family man, caring husband and father, serial cheater, psychiatric patient, Mafia boss and cruel, sadistic murderer makes it even more compelling.

The Sopranos managed to maintain the same level of quality throughout its eight magnificent seasons. When it ended, it was as if some big, vital part was ripped out of our lives. We talked about the show for months and years and when James Gandolfini died, the world was for a moment united in genuine grief.

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