21 Best Couples In TV Shows


It’s not February yet, but we’re still going to dim the lights, play some downtempo jazz and write about romance. That’s right, we’re dealing with couples here, strong couples, interesting couples, meant-to-be couples, you name it.

To cut a long story short, here’s a list of the best 21 couples ever seen in TV shows:

1. Friends, Monica and Chandler

One of the best loved series of all times, “Friends“ is packed with romantic and aww-inspiring moments, pretty much like every other sitcom. But Friends has a certain honest tone to romance that gathered the attention of millions of people worldwide. To start the list off, we will put one of the two main couples from the show here – Chandler and Monica.

Chandler is kind-hearted albeit clumsy and unsure of himself, while Monica is a strong and independent woman. Sure of her actions and opinions (possibly even physically stronger than Chandler), she represents the stable side of their relationship, while Chandler is the humorous one in their love story. Despite their differences, they embody the strength of a loving relationship, and somehow still manage to make every step of the way so very interesting. They are together throughout half the series and never have a dull moment.

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