21 Best Cliffhangers Ever


Who doesn’t love an engaging end to a segment of a story? You know, those moments when the scene shows a massive explosion and several of your favorite characters end up dead or severely injured, and then the camera rolls away or shifts out of focus. Then you go all “Noo, I want to know what happens next!” and you anxiously wait for the next season (or episode), like a child waiting for Christmas.

So, to honor these fantastic moments in TV shows, here’s a list of 21 best cliffhangers we could remember:

1. “Na Trioblóidi,” Sons of Anarchy

We start the list off with one of those shocking series that have so many events packed in season finales that your brain barely manages to process all the information going down. To begin with the second and probably most dramatic season, we were all hell-bent on seeing the club finally getting their revenge against the racist F.B.I informant Ethan Zobelle for ordering the kidnapping and brutal rape of Gemma Taylor, the club’s matriarch. It was the focus of the entire season, and the expected climax.

sons-2However, all hell breaks loose when we follow Jax’s part as he murders Zobelle’s right hand AJ, whose son practically bears witness to the homicide. Gemma Taylor barely finds salvation shooting Zobelle’s daughter (who’s just as corrupted as he is). ATF agent June Stahl has shot Cameron Hayes’s son Edmond just moments before, at the same spot where Gemma killed Zobelle’s daughter, so she frames Gemma for both murders in exchange for letting her escape.

And then, just when you thought things couldn’t get any more chaotic, the club pinpoints Zobelle’s location at a remote supermarket in the middle of nowhere. As they are about to make a move, Jax finds out that his infant son was kidnapped by Cameron and asks for the club’s help. A motive of the club’s loyalty and also a moment of reconnection between Clay and Jax are shown when Clay gives the order to let Zobelle go in order to pursue Cameron, but to no avail. The last scene shows the club members standing on the edge of a dock, watching helplessly as Cameron is taking Jax’s son away on a motorboat.

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