21 Actors You’d Love To Have A Beer With


2. Tom Hanks

Show us a person who doesn’t like Tom Hanks and we’ll show you a person we’d probably enjoy punching in the face. All jokes aside, the thing about Hanks is that he takes likeability to a nearly superhuman level – he’s one of those guys who isn’t ridiculously attractive and yet somehow manages to woo everyone, male and female alike. What’s fantastic is that, at the same time, he doesn’t come off like someone who is trying too hard to appeal to you – it’s all natural for good old Tom!

He’s also a true jokester and doesn’t have a problem with interacting with his fans. Who can forget that time he walked into a bar, sat down next to a random guy, ate one of his french fries, looked him straight in the eyes before leaving and said:

“Nobody will ever believe you.”

It that’s not cool, we don’t know what is.

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