21 Actors You’d Love To Have A Beer With


People often think of celebrities as divine beings – entities no living mortal can even dare approach, let alone converse with or, heavens forbid, spend time with! As it turns out, many celebrities are indeed self-centered, arrogant in their fame and utterly unapproachable. Not to mention that a lot of them are, well…complete douches and folks you really wouldn’t want to hang out with. But then there are cool celebrities, those stars that actually care about their fans, that are modest and that are just plain awesome as people. These are the 21 actors you’d definitely love to have a beer with:

1. Jennifer Lawrence

There’s no way in heck you didn’t expect us to start this list off with Jennifer Lawrence. In fact, if we were allowed to pick out only one celebrity to hang out with, we would probably be taking Jennifer into account. Why? First of all, she’s currently one of the hottest movie stars in Hollywood and her career is skyrocketing with tremendous movie offers and deals that put her in the spotlight every couple of days.

But despite her looks, fame and riches, she’s well-known as being incredibly down to Earth and very person-like (unlike many other “plastic” celebrities). Plus, she has a great sense of humor, so hanging out with her would be tons of fun. Name one celebrity that would deal with tripping at the Oscars the way Jen did or handle nude photo leaks, we dare you.

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