2015 VMAs Bonanza Part 3: Nicki Minaj Attacks Miley Cyrus


Like we already said, Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift made up at the VMAs, but it didn’t take long for the rapper to start a whole other thing, this time with the host of the awards, Miley Cyrus. We are not taking sides, but we have to say that we understand where Nicki is coming from in this case.

Namely, while the whole Minaj-Swift thing was going on, Miley was asked about what she thought. Miley, basically, said that she thought that Nicki’s nomination snubs were not racially motivated and that the rapper was overreacting, while also calling her “not too kind”.

As you could expect, Minaj took offense to that and she actually called Miley a b***h while receiving her award for the Best Hip Hop Video. It was epic.

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