20 Most Famous Showbiz Families


2. The Pinkett-Smiths

Another insanely popular and powerful showbiz family are the Pinkett-Smiths. The family was born in 1997 when Will Smith married his then-girlfriend Jada Pinkett. They were both quite popular at the time, with Will already having the Prince of Bel-Air and a string of very successful movies under his belt and with Jada with her own respectable Hollywood career in full motion.

Over the years, they have been one of the more adorable couples in Hollywood and they had two children – Jaden and Willow. As their two children grew up, the Pinkett-Smiths turned into a real showbiz family, as opposed to a simple powerhouse couple.

Willow is most famous for her single Whip My Hair, while Jaden has been something of a renaissance man if the term meant making remakes of 1980s hit movies, putting out subpar rap songs, dressing up in dresses and acting like the world’s lamest philosopher.

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