20 Cute Child Actors Who Grew Up To Be Ugly


Child actors will always remain in our memories as being adorable. However, not all of these child stars grow up to be handsome or pretty adults. In fact, some of the cutest kids you remember from movies and television probably aren’t that great looking today.

Here are 20 child actors who time certainly was not kind to over the years – cute child stars who turned into rather ugly adults.

1. Clint Howard

Clint Howard was a cute child, but there’s no denying that he is an ugly looking dude today.

However, he was able to use that to his advantage and has been one of the best and most loved character actors of the past few decades. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that his brother is a famous director and is able to get him a lot of great parts.

He was known first as the cute little kid named Leon on the Andy Griffith show. But since then, he has played a huge amount of roles in many movies and is definitely one of the most popular and well known character actors in the world today.

He might be ugly, but that’s why so many people like him. He’s always the perfect person to play a local weirdo, or even an alien – without having to change his regular look much at all.

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  • Vincent Gaspar

    Ok, Clint Howard and Osment are ugly, but that doesn’t change their talent idiot! Everyone else on this page is handsome. You must be trolling!

  • Patty Shumaker

    How cruel! None of these people are ugly, just regular HUMANS. (Raven Simone is a bit over the top, but that’s her personal lack of style sense getting in the way, sorry Raven.). And Mayim Bialik is adorable! How Hollywood nasty this is!

  • Buffalo Trace

    What I think is funny, is Jonathan Lipnicki is in another one of these kind of lists, but it is child stars who grew up to be hot.

  • Anngail Norris

    What I find really disgusting are the inaccuracies and the misspelling in the commentaries about the celebs. Ron Howard starred with Harry Winkler? Must have missed that show.

  • Jeanne M Aughey

    lets see the judges photos so we can judge them beauty is in the eye of the beholder

  • pete0097

    How about an article on how ugly the paparazzi have gotten over the years?

  • Lisa Dobrusky

    This is so not right..These celebs are not ugly not even close..who gets to determine a persons beauty..what magazines and tv.. Well maybe that’s why people have such a hard time loving and accepting themselves and how truly beautiful they are..Your heart and your actions play along with how pretty you are..You could have a gorgeous super model sure she or he is gorgeous if they are mean stuck up heartless people..now that’s Ugly..Not knowing these actors and actress personally but from where I sit they are beautiful ..Not nice people who posted them as ugly..that’s really rude..

  • Mplough

    Is it me or does Jason Hervey look like he could be Sammy Hagar’s kid?

  • BlueZolar

    Eventually we all become uglier as time passes and aging changes the human body and not for the better. But what formula does this author use to decide what is ugly and who is ugly? Ugly is very subjective.