20 Celebs With Unusual Body Parts


Celebrities always seem to be under a much higher level of scrutiny than us regular folk. That’s probably the price they pay for all the benefits they reap from their fame.

While many of us may live our lives completely unaffected by the fact that we have a third nipple, that is simply not the case with celebrities. Let’s check out which celebs have the strangest and most unusual body parts.

1. Mark Walberg

Mark Wahlberg is not really ashamed of his third nipple, he’s actually kind of proud of it. The actor said that he has learned to embrace it and that he now pretty much considers it his prized possession. So that’s pretty cool. It is estimated that one in 18 men have an extra nipple, which is a lot, if you think about it. The condition is known as polythelia or supernumerary nipple, and it also affects women, but in a significantly lower number – one in every 50.

Today, having a third nipple is no big deal but a long time ago, even before Salem, during the witch hunts in Europe, having an extra nipple was a sure sign of a witch or a warlock. They were known as witch’s teats and warranted an immediate burning at the stake. Mark Wahlberg is not the only celebrity with a third nipple – in fact, actors Frank Langella and Zac Efron have one, and so do Jackson Browne, Harry Styles and Brian Jones.

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