20 Celebrities Who Look Like People From The Past


There is an old urban legend that says that everyone has a double or a secret twin somewhere in the world. And some photographic evidence of celebrities and people from the past you they totally look like might be able to prove this notion true.

Is there someone who looks like you out there living a completely different life? Was there someone who looked like you roaming the world centuries ago? Will someone who looks exactly like you be born into to the world long after you are gone?

We don’t know. But these photos of celebrities and their historical lookalikes are quite shocking regardless.

1. Jimmy Fallon looks like Mahir Cayan

These guys looks so much alike that if you shaved the mustache off Cayan and made Fallon’s picture a black and white one, it would truly be hard to tell them apart. Of course, they come from two different times and were not even from the same country.

Fallon does not have a Turkish heritage, so it seems strange that he would look so much like a Turkish leader, but he does. Fallon is best known for his work with Saturday Night Live. He was a standup comedian before that and really great at doing impressions. His large variety of impressions is what helped him to land the Saturday Night Live job, and he has been rolling ever since.

He finally got his big break when he was named the replacement for Jay Leno as host of the incredibly popular talk show The Tonight Show.

Cayan’s story is so happy. He was a revolutionary leader who was killed before he turned 30.

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  • jeannette doeller

    Compare Alison Brie to Hedy Lamar.

  • Justin McCord

    “Cayan’s story is so happy. He was a revolutionary leader who was killed before he turned 30.”

    That’s a happy story????

    • Catherine

      Yes, Justin… just another example of the atrocious grammar and spelling in this article.

      Here are two more:

      “She published many works and was a very influential voice of the time, especially when it comes to female authors and thinks.”

      “Sure, he was not one of the most popular or influential US presidents, but he was still a US president. It was the last president of the Whig party, because the US system turned into the Democrats versus Republicans bipartisan system that we all known.”

      “IT” was the last president?
      we all “known”?

      to say nothing of all the MANY times that people are referred to as “that” instead of “who”! animals, plants and inanimate objects are “that”… PEOPLE are “WHO”!
      i.e. “the man WHO”, not “the man THAT”.

      while it was interesting to look at the photos (and some were a stretch) the writing was so awful it was difficult to read.