20 Celebrities Who Have Killed Another Person


When talking about the darker side of celebrity life, there is probably no topic more horrifying than the loss of life. Events such as this just go to prove that celebrities have all of the same problems that regular people have and can make the same types of mistakes.

Here are 20 celebrities that were responsible for taking the life of another human being.

1. William S. Burroughs

Burroughs was, without a doubt, one of the most influential writers of the 20th century.

He actually shot and killed his wife in 1951 while the couple were in Mexico City. But he did not really do a lot of time for it. First, he told police that he was trying to shoot a wine glass off of her head and missed. He then changed his story and said that his gun had simply misfired and killed her.

There was a lot of legal maneuvering involved and the trial lasted a long time. Many believe that Burroughs’ brother was responsible for bribing many court and police officials in order to make sure that his brother stayed out of jail.

He was finally found guilty and was sentenced to a term of two years in prison. However, he only ended up serving a total of two weeks of his prison term. Burroughs said that the incident was one that convinced him to take up writing full time.

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  • R. Benson

    Whomever wrote these things is either an illiterate public grade school kid, or the copy editor is drunk or fucking her or both.

    • Ellen

      Non-native English speaker, I think — some of the errors are telling — but you’d think the writer could have at least run a spell check. Even a crappy “celebrity dirt” site which can’t be bothered to hire editors should ask for spell checks, right? Otherwise they wind up misspelling the names of the celebrities who are their bread and butter. (I’m astonished by that “Matthew Brodderick” tag.)

    • Shane

      You ASSume the copy editor is a man and the writer is a woman. Sounds like you’re a bit too hostile over a simple article. Get a life.

  • Camelot

    You conveniently forgot about that old drunk Ted Kennedy.

  • jim atmad

    You conveniently forgot about Mitt Romney, who killed a Catholic priest when he was dodging the draft in France.

    • Actually, a woman in Romney’s car was the one who was killed and then a priest was blamed for the accident. Some reports state there was a major cover-up by Romney’s camp because his dad was running for president at the time. There were even reports the priest had since died and so no one could interview with him, but it was later found out the priest was still alive but told not to speak of the accident. At least Kennedy was man enough to admit his mistake and never lied about his accident.

  • Ynnis

    What…??? Matthew Broderick veered into the wrong land? How is that possible? Stupid writer ! Don’t they read their own articles before submitting it to avoid such stupid, stupid mistakes? Hey Celebritydirt – time to hire a writer that has more than 3rd grade education !

  • Kelli

    Agree with the other posts. Who on earth wrote this?! Grammar is a nightmare but so is their research. Laura Welch Bush drove through an intersection because someone had stolen the STOP sign. Legally she did not run a stop sign.

    • Shane

      Yeah, that’s the story they’re telling. No, she got off because family had hush money to pay.

  • Not convicted but most people think he did it.

  • What about O.J.?

  • Srphy

    How can you even see them with that damn SPrint ad?

    • JIMMYC

      You forgot all about RAE CARRUTH he is guilty as hell!!

  • Pamela

    I cannot see or read the articles because of a big ad by VERIZON covering the text. Celebrity dirt needs to be a little more respectful of their readers if they want people to return.

  • Miseur Dumbazz

    Okay, call me stupid for coming to this site and an idiot for reading this stupid article and a complete moron for posting a comment, but… JAMES STEWART FOR SERVING HIS COUNTRY IN THE MILITARY?!! The little disclaimer at the beginning does nothing to justify including him either. The author needs a reality check and apparently – I need to get a life…

    • minkowski

      “20 Celebrities Who Have Killed Another Person”

      ^What about that title do you not understand? Let me know so I can assist you further.

  • bpgagirl22VAnow

    Service in the Military is defense for our country and our freedoms! My father’s family alone just since the Amer. Rev. War has well over 1,000 military vets, many highly decorated! James Stewart is one of my favs and should NEVER have been included in this POS story! Shame on the author! RIP Daddy, Semper fi, Korea, L.Cpl. Expert Rifleman.

  • disqus_Lp6HibPnQc

    How ’bout that she thang Bruce Jenner? No mention?